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Valenciennes,  France,  April 23th 2019 – for immediate release

Simone, the smallest folding scooter in the world

Synthesis : Nowadays, more than half of the population live in cities. Townspeople are daily facing stress caused by losing time in transports. To give them more freedom, a French company created Simone, the most compact adult scooter in the world. Simone is as heavy as 2 water bottles and fits in with any bag or backpack. Thus, it’s the perfect complement of all the “classic” means of transportation.

Why did we create SIMONE?

In urbanization context, there are 4.2 billions townspeople who face up to transport problems. For commuters, it’s a question of 1 or 2 kilometers separating bus from workplace. For car drivers, the problem is to find a place to park their car, not too far from the destination. These difficulties are in fact the same problem, that we call « the last mile problem ». This last mile creates a waste of time for all of us living or working in cities. That’s to give to townspeople more freedom that Simone has been designed.

How does it works?

At the first look, Simone is a scooter which seems to be similar to others one. But looking carefully at the design, we understand that Simone is a little revolution for micro mobility. In less than 15 seconds, Simone folds to fit in the volume of a paper ream. In the same way as an umbrella, this scooter can be forgotten in any bag, and be deployed easily when you need it.

Steven Pingon, Simone’s cofounder explains his kind of vision: “Our desire was to create means of transport which could be settled in any backpack, and could be ready to use in a few seconds. Scooter was the ideal candidate: really compact compared to the bike, lighter, and easier to use than new electric vehicles as overboard or skateboards.  Scooter is a basic trend, which is more and more used in all cities”.

This trend has been validated by market studies institute EDInstitut (1). For them, 52% of townspeople think scooter could be a good way to travel when distance is lower than 2km.

(1) ED Institut is a specialized company in market studies, which realized market research for Simone company.

When Simone will be released, and at what price?

SIMONE is already available by reservation on our website,, in order to deliver scooters in October. The product will be sold 299€ at the beginning, and then for rent in 2020. Company aspires to convince automotive industry to integrate Simone in dedicated box conceived for car trunks.

Where will it be sold?

Simone will be sold on  in Europe for the first months, and also in specialized stores located in major cities. From 2020, company forecasts to develop in other countries, particularly in the United States, which are pioneers in adult scooters using.

A complete scooter range is already under development, including a lighter model, and also e-Simone, electric version of Simone, planned for 2020.

SIMONE's origin

This scooter as been developed in a French incubator dedicated to mobility. Project is lead by Steven Pingon and Rémy Montagne, 27 years old automotive engineers. The idea was born in Paris suburbs. Tired to walk everyday to reach train, they decided to create new means of transports for last mile. The conception (patented) was fully realized in France, with support of two Parisian designers and a technical center from North of France. Since 2018, Simone company is funded by BPI France and north of France region.

Press contact

Rémy Montagne: +33 6 69 16 23 21 ( / Steven Pingon: +33 6 46 00 51 61

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