Introducing Simone scooter, designed for townspeople - Let's try her!

Why Simone?

Public transportation
Train, bus, tramway, are great, but not perfect when you need to be at work on time, especially when your train is late. You would like to take your bike to go faster, but bike and bus are not compatible at the rush hour...
Who has never drove in circle again and again to look for a parking place? Who has never parked a mile away from his destination to avoid parking taxes?
Millions of people are facing difficulties in public transportation.
That's to solve this problem that we want to create Solutions


trottinette ultra compacte

Simone is an urban scooter, designed in France, ultra compact, lightweight. Thus, very convenient!

Patented Design

SIMONE is a mobility solution dedicated to everyone who wants to save time. Sustainable and green, SIMONE is the best friend of fast urban dwellers.

An ultra compact scooter dedicated to last mile

Simone is as big as a A4 paper ream when folded. That's when you will fold SIMONE that you'll hear "Woaouhhh"
21 cm * 31 cm * 8,5 cm
OK, talking about woman weight is not polite. But only 3.5Kg, (equal of 2 water bottles), it's interesting isn't it?
3,5 kg
More convenient
Like you, Simone has no time to lose. Folded or unfolded in 15 seconds only. Quicker that reading this sentence.​
15 secondes

Patented Technologies

verrouillage trottinettes
Taille roues trottinette
frein arrière trottinette

A particular attention on quality and safety

Ready for city life

Conception Simone

Designed with automotive methods, our small folding scooter is solid, to withstand to all the city’s attacks.

We worked hard to give you more freedom


Launch Edition
299 € Carrying bag & delivery included
  • Available in 2020
  • Delivery everywhere in Europe
  • 2 years warranty
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Photos & Videos

In 15 secondes Simone unfolds...

And folds...

Not bad isn't it ?

They talk about us!

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20 minutes
20 minutes@Mikael Libert
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Already seen? Yes, but no. Conceived in North of France, this scooter is presented as the most compact and light in the world. Simone's inventors are going to participate in the famous Lépine French contest.
L'Observateur@Pauline Bayart
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Light and clever. Simone knows how to convince.[...] This is the beginning of a long et beautiful story!
Petites Observations Automobiles
Petites Observations Automobiles@poa
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It's a great idea, we could put SIMONE in cars like Skoda's umbrellas !"
Web Théorie
Web Théorie@Laura Izarié
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A high-end scooter which keeps its promises. Ultra small, lightweight, this smart friend, with delicious name, is already great!


Launch Edition
299 € Carrying bag & delivery included
  • Available in October
  • Delivery everywhere in Europe
  • 2 years warranty
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