Frequently Asked Questions - Simone's scooters


You'll find here answers to frequently asked questions.

For the moment we focus on the first product: Simone, not electric but usefull in most of cases. In the future, we forecast to conceive e-Simone, an electric scooter dedicated to longer distance. Keep in touch if you’re interested in!

Simone will be available in our webstore. We’re interested to offer her in shops too. If you are a mobility dealer, please contact us.

Absolutely not. Simone is for adults.

We bet scooter is going to become a real means of transport very soon.

First thing to know, we have to respect international rules. Simone will be homologated EN-14619.

Then, we took care to conceive a good product, which will satisfy our customers for years. We realized different prototypes, simulations and trials to be sure not to deceive you.

We often take time to explain our methods on our blog juste here.

For each Simone ordered, we supply a special bag to protect your stuff from dirt and rain.

In more, we’ll have specific backpack available in our webstore.

The rules are the same for all scooters sold in Europe: 100kg max.

That’s why we designed Simone to resist to 100kg people.

Consequently, even if you have 1 or 2kg to lose, you can use Simone without any problems ­čśë

Simone is usefull in your luggage, and you are allowed to travel with her. We advise you to keep your personal Simone card. It’s a guarantee to be serene with controllers.