Ultra compact foldable scooters Simone

The big idea for short trips
Simone, the world's most compact scooter

Commute with serenity

Simone is the world's most compact scooter! Patent pending!


Simone fits in a A4 paper ream. That’s the moment you’re supposed to say “woooooow”

Light as a feather

Oh right, talk about lady weight is not a good idea. However, you could confess that 3.5kg – 2 water bottles – is a bit impressive, nope?


Like you, Simone has no time to waste. Folded in 15 seconds. You’ll just finish to read theses words that Simone will be gone.


We think style is crucial. That’s why we worked with two French designers to give birth to Simone. Don’t be scared about showing Simone to your friends, they could be jalous.

I want to be the first to own Simone!

They trust us

I want to be the first to own Simone!

Simone scooters

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